Home Business! Its Not Easy, But You Can Do.

Home Business! Its Not Easy, But You Can Do.

Home Business! Its Not Easy, But You Can Do.

It takes a fair bit of training, experimenting, research, some of your own money, timing and luck to be able to establish yourself in a successful Home Internet Business. I hope to provide you with details of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained while making my way through the world of web and guide you in your own decisions.

The Beginning of Your Business

keep your day job, well for now at least.


So what’s out there? Finding what to concentrate your efforts on!

Ok so here’s what I think, heard and found for myself. The easiest way to make a return of your time and efforts in the earlier stages of your time online, would be to promote someone else’s products on a website page that you have and hope to receive a small amount of commission for every sale that you make or there is also a model where you can get a small commission again just for directing possible leads to another companies website. Find the right method and repeat.


Where are your customers? What do they want and need?

Build a business that will cater for every month and every season. Set yourself a goal and also look at my ideas for what you could do and have running throughout the whole year every year, 24/7 – 365.


Build your marketing Calendar

Thanks Giving
Christmas / New Years
Public holidays

Think about what’s local To You?

Add it to your local business plan. The list above is just a taster of what goes on for people all over the world and there’s Tons more you can find to add to your own list.


Here’s a question, how’s anyone going to find you or your website?

Well that’s all down to the specific words and phrases that you use in the content of your site where you pages are found in the search engines and the visitor traffic you bring to your site. If what someone is looking for in the searching results appears on your own site then you stand a chance of being found. So the task of building your website with words and phrases that relate to the product or the interest you would like to promote and the market you’ve found and want to target, now becomes so massively important and can be the make or break of any subsequent work and efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the title given to the tasks you will need to undertake in order to get your website or page to appear in the search results of your favourite search engine. What you’re looking to have happen is for your webpage/site to appear in a good position on the early pages of the search results for multiple phrases on your site. If you’re going to be doing this for a career then It’s a good idea to learn the basic here for yourself before you get into the stage of having to pay someone to do it for you. There are books that can help you with quickly understanding web marketing and what you need to do.

While you’re waiting for you book to come in the mail, you should take a look at the AdWords Keyword Tool. There are loads of interesting keyword services, that you should be using, but just write naturally.


So how much do you need to spend to get started?

I would say during the early days, stick to joining one of the free hosting companies (Tumblr, Hubpages, Blogger, WordPress.com) you can sign up today and get your own space where you can Make a website and more importantly, which doesn’t require that you buy a website name (domain name) or any technical knowledge for building a webpage.

If you’re here to learn how to get set with an Ecommerce website you must be wondering where you can find companies with products that you can promote on you website. Well there’s Commission Junction, Amazon, infact nearly every major company online will have some sort of partner network or affiliate page that you can join

Clickbank, Offervault to name just a few, you will become an affiliate (partner) for any company / product that you choose or are accepted for. Of course you need to check the finer details of each product / company to see if it’s worthwhile putting in the effort for the commission they’re offering.

Clickbank even have their very own training programme to help guide you step by step to making regular decent earning as an affiliate. You’re getting the information here from the people that have affiliates getting tons of money from daily.

I briefly mentioned wordpress,com a shared platform where you can get learn to Create a website on you’re your road to building you presence online. The only limitation being that you are tied to using the wordpress.com name as part of you websites address,

When you’re ready to move to the a more tailored and professional setup, when you want to use a domain name of your choice. Then my preference and recommendation is for you to use wordpress.org, where you will choose the domain title that’s available, arrange to host your website and download the wordpress software platform.

The platform is perfect for new starters and professionals alike. Giving you the means of easily loading a choice of free and paid sites designs (theme), that are them manageable from your site management home page. The very best part is there’s a whole industry built around providing the interchangeable tools (plugins) that you can load into your wordpress site, to enable a particular requirement or need may want or need dependent on the particular site you’re currently working on like an Ecommerce Design or photo’s. The numerous WordPress plugins and a choice of good quality Website templates (Theme) can help you stay productive on your website without loosing your creative flow of content. The WordPress software should be available to download from your control panel as part of your hosting package. Most importantly there are more than enough training programmes offered that will take you through the steps to achieving you completed wordpress website design.

Here’s to your very own net biz.