Keeping Productive So Your Writing Keeps Flowing

Keeping Productive So Your Writing Keeps Flowing

Keeping productive from the start of your career.

Here’s a good use of bookmarks service that I used while a 1st / 2nd Line Systems Engineers.Keeping a log of your work and the bookmarked websites that you’ve used and that have helped you in presenting a solution to the technical task you’ve been working through any issue.

This is now your own personal knowledge base ¬†for any repeated tasks while you’re gaining experience and coming up through the ranks in your company. I spent three years compiling a list that was sorted into order for easier access to the different categories of information.

Another good idea is the use of your personal Dropbox account where you can save interesting notes of the jobs, notes, files, screenshots, details of the problems and solutions you’ve applied to your more detailed projects.

I’ve used what I have of my quiet times to write up notes and buildup my marketing strategy’s and added these to my daily plan of action. I did say quiet time right, in my busy schedule I have to manage with the assistance of a service like Evernote that I personally use through my laptop and the phone.

You can go one stage further with your organizing and working by signing up to one of the plans offered by Microsoft Office 365 that can give the the full capability of working as if your office where with your on the beach.

Check what’s been written in your market or the field your writing about, for both online and offline publications. Emulate what you find, while adding your own creativity so you’ve not just copied someone else’s work. Make your description, title and content stand out and shine above everyone , including those who’s original work has inspired you. This will all help with the ranking of your document in the search engines Don’t make silly mistakes with spelling or the use of grammar.

Set up alerts to capture notifications of anyone posting in your market, covering the full online spectrum: social, web, email etc.