So you want to Create a Website Blog?

So you want to Create a Website Blog?

So You Want To Create a Website Blog?

So you want to get into Blogging, because you’ve heard it’s the way to make a little extra income in your pockets each month.

Well it’s that and a whole lot more as you’re going to be the voice of a conversation that needs to be fed new information in updates regularly to keep you viewers interest alive. You must be able to string more than just a few sentence together, as well as stand out above the heads with a beacon which says I have something important to tell, or this is going to make you smile or cry, laugh or blush.

You’ve need to develop a voice that will stand out to your readers and hold them long enough to stay on your site and hope that you’ve made them decide that maybe you’re worth following and sharing with their friends

But don’t be scared off creating your masterpiece, you certainly don’t need to be the only one writing content for your blog. This is where you need to enlist the help of your more talented family members, friends and colleagues with a similar interests and experience in the topic of your blog site. Managing a range of stories, themes and categories to allow your site to flow and keep you high on search results pages ahead of any competitors.

This is now a business that if developed, will attract the attention of advertisers ready to offer you payment for the ability to place their products in view of your regular visitors and you will have a stronger hand to negotiate from if your targets are from a profitable market.

There’s a whole load that’s not been mentioned here showing the intricacies of setting up a theme, choosing your platform, although I would suggest that you use a WordPress platform whether your starting on a free basis or choose to buy and host your own website domain and keep you design simple to allow you to concentrate on your writing.

Although my writing is about making your money through writing, you must understand that it wont be an overnight miracle because as of this moment nobody knows who you are and know nobody cares. But thats just for the moment, they’ll get to know you and love your work.


Later I’ll show you how to go deeper into researching your market and more detailed strategies for keeping visitors, but for now just keep writing.