What the 10 4 1 rule can do for your Social Media Persona Interaction and Internet Marketing Funnel.

What the 10 4 1 rule can do for your Social Media Persona Interaction and Internet Marketing Funnel.

The 10 4 1 rule and your Social Media Persona Interaction

You may not have heard of the 10 4 1 rule but you probably have a good understanding of some of the ideas. The idea is to make regular contact with your customer by taking a number of touches 15 as part of your marketing plan. The first 10 of the rule refers to your chance to keep your visitors informed of the in the activities going on in their chosen market and for which you should present an assortment of related posting to your social media account followers. Making it interesting and topical that they will understand and appreciate you for taking the time to bring together this data knowledge and information directly to them.

The major benefit from such an act is to improve your standing in social media, as you’re seen as having the most up to date resources and you’re presenting it to your friends. So the next thing you want to be doing is presenting your social media following with the next rule 4 original pieces of content from your blog work. Once again content will cover the market that’s of interest to you visitors and should be interesting in its subject matter

The last item of the 10 4 1 rule is item 15. This is where you give your customer the offer or landing page that is in line with the interest and area of promotion that you’ve based your whole campaign to your contact. This is where you can push the offer that monetises everything you’ve done to this point and hopefully finances the rest of your work.

The Internet Marketing Funnel.

You can now draw you potential customer towards your internet marketing funnel of offers starting with a Basic offer with a standard market price. This product or service can be on the bottom tier of everything thats your current campaign will offer, with a gradual to dramatic increase in price as you gently guide customers further down your funnel of higher quality or an extra extension to the original product / service that can be an optional one time offer.

Next is a third tier to the offers in the funnel and can be the most detailed or comprehensive package on offer. This is again an optional extra to both the original and 2nd tier product / service that has the very best of everything from the original offers and is offered at a Premium price.

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